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Maha Bharat helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Maha Bharat guide for beginners

In this guide we show you step by step how to create your Maha Bharat account but also different settings and common features of Maha Bharat.
Create your Maha Bharat - user account

Date of Last Revision: April 09, 2015.

Step 1 - The beginners guide to Maha Bharat

Account details

The first thing you must do is to fill in your account details

    Full name
    Enter your real name otherwise it will be difficult for others to find you as a friend

    E-mail address
    Enter an address you actually use because it will be sent an email that you must confirm. Be sure that you enter the correct email address!

    Use as a secure password as possible. Preferably 8 characters, mixed with large and small letters, numbers and other characters.
    It is also good if you use a unique password for Maha Bharat (and on all other places where you create an account. There's always a risk that the sites you use get hacked and if yo use the same user namne and password in multiple places, those who come across your information also can access you accounts on all sites where you use the same user name and password.
    You can change your password later.

    Enter your gender.

    Date of birth
    Enter your birth date. Fill in the correct information if you want it to be easier for others to find you.

    Review and Accept Maha Bharat Terms, Privacy Policy, Priciples

    Terms (
    Privacy Policy (
    Priciples (

    Confirm your email address
    Now you get a message telling you to confirm your email address. You do this by checking if you received a message to the address you provided. Click on the link in the message to confirme that you have recieved it.
    (Usually, you get the confirmation mail within a few minutes but be patient. It can take much longer. If it doesn't show up within a few days you should start from scratch. Chances are that you entered a wrong e-mail adress or that something went wrong in the registrations process. The e-mail check is done to let Maha Bharat know that there is a real person that gets the mail. and also to chech that the entered e-mail address works.
    When you click on the link, you should come to a page where it says that your user account is ready to use. If it doesn't work directly, try click the link in the email again. If it still doesn't work. try to cut the link from the mail and paste into the adress field on you webbrowser. (Some e-mailprograms destroy the links)

    When you get to the page after you have clicked the link in the mail you should be able to log in. If it does'nt work, click on the mahabharatlogotype in the upper left corner. When you get to the startpage you can try to log in again.

    You can find friends in better ways later.
    (you probably do not want to be friends on Maha Bharat with everyone in your address book and you don't want them all to get spammed with invitations from Maha Bharat

    Enter your profile information on Maha Bharat
    Here you can enter information about high school, college and work.If you enter the information it will be easier for your friends to find you on Maha Bharat, so fill in as much as possible right now, or add it later.

    City and other information
    Fill in what city you are from and enter your other details

    Welcome to Maha Bharat!

    Now you are ready to start using Maha Bharat.
    Maha Bharat encourage you to start looking friends, but before then it is good if take a look at your settings. You reach them at the top in the settings menu in Maha Bharat.

    YOUR Settings in Maha Bharat

    Step 2 - Maha Bharat guide

    Here we take a look at the settings you should review before you start using Maha Bharat .
    When you have logged in to Maha Bharat you will find the settings to the right of the menu located at the top of the page.

    From the beginning, Maha Bharat use fairly restrictive settings and if you want you can leave the default settings as they are, but we recommend that you still go through this section to get an idea of ​​the choices you can make.

    Once we got started with Maha Bharat , it can be easy to forget that it is possible to control many aspects.

    Most of it is pretty self explanatory but I go through the section about privacy and events because it is good to know what you can do for choice.

    Privacy on Maha Bharat

    In the privacy section of the settings, you can choose between profile, search, events and logs, and applications. (If you want to read about privacy on Maha Bharat you'll find a link on the bottom of the page on the right side).

    Your Profile, the basics
    Under the tab Basic you can now make extensive settings about who you want to see your information on Maha Bharat
    From the beginning, everything is set to friends only so you really no need to make the settings as a beginner but it is good to know about it. For the different parts there are various choices to make. You can for example show some information for everyone but you can also choose to stop individiuals to see.

    Maybe you have friends that you do not want to be up to date on everything you do. Suppose you have both private friends and business associates. Your personal friends like maybe posting photos where the tags yourself, eg from parties etc.. but you may not want your business associates will see them.

    Contact information
    Here you can control who can see your contact information.

    Here you can choose which ones to search for you on Maha Bharat, and also control what is to be seen if they can find you. Defaults work but it's good to know they exist.

    News and log
    During the events on Maha Bharat, you can control when your friends will be updated.

    Independent developers can build applications, ie. small programs with features that you can use. It can for example be to compete against your friends in quizzes and more. Applications have access to the information that you store on Maha Bharat but you can choose for yourself what they have access to. Since Maha Bharat can not guarantee complete control of applications, it is important that you think through what you want to share. In the "Overview" you will get more information about Applications and under "Settings" you can choose what information you want to share.

    Events on Maha Bharat
    To access the settings for events by selecting Settings and then the tab events.
    You can now decide on which events you want Maha Bharat to send an email to you.
    Are you active on Maha Bharat and have many active friends, it can be nice to not get an email as soon as something happened.

    Something you should consider is to add an additional e-mail address.

    User profile on Maha Bharat

    Step 3 - Maha Bharat guide

    Here we take a look at the possibilites that you have with your profile.

    Your Maha Bharat profile
    To access the profile in Maha Bharat using the menu at the top.
    The profile is used as a way for you to tell us more about yourself, your friends but also for Maha Bharat to suggest friends and to be able to target ads to fit you better.

    You choose entirely how much and what to talk about yourself.
    When you select the profile you will get a page where the tab information is preselected. To make changes to your profile, select your "edit info" at symbol showing a pen.
    Now you will see several titles of the page. Your profile on Maha Bharat is made up of different parts and the first part is selected automatically (you can click on the headline to access the settings for the specific parts.

    General information
    Here you can fill in more general information about yourself. Eg ypur hometown, relationship status, if you are interested in men or women, and if you look for example dating, friendship or networking. You can also specify the political opinion and religion.
    When you are satisfied, click on save changes.

    Personal information
    Here you add things you enjoy doing, interests, favorite music, favorite movies, etc..

    Contact information
    Here you can specify what you want to call you if you use IM (Instant Messages, such as Windows Live and others) but also traditional contact information.

    Education and work
    Here you can specify which schools you attended and what year but also the employers you have or have had, position etc..
    Since it is possible to search friends on Maha Bharat by schools and workplaces that members have studied or worked on, it is good to fill in uppgiftern if you want it to be easier for others to find you.

    Pictures and images on Maha Bharat
    Use the tab photos to upload a picture of yourself. Use a picture where it is possible to recognize you, it is easier for those who want to make friends with you to know that you are really you.

    Maha Bharat friends

    Ste4 4 - Maha Bharat guide

    Here we take a look at the opportunities that exist to find people you want as friends.

    Now is the time to make friends on Maha Bharat
    Since Maha Bharat is a Community network it's all about having friends..
    ( It's hard to be social without having someone to be social with.)
    If you have no friends, there is simply not much to do. Most users hide their pages for other than friends and you are not able to post on other people's pages if you are not friends with them. (However, there are many groups about different subjects that often is open and companies and artist for example almost always open their pages for everyone so you can "like" them and be "friend" with them..)

    If you're just getting started with Maha Bharat, it is easiest to use the "Friends" link in the top menu to find other people.

    There you can invite friends by entering their email address and write a message. The person you invite will receive an email and can add you as a friend (if they do not have Maha Bharat, they are prompted to get a Maha Bharat account). You can then share information with each other.

    Of course, it can also happen that you will be refused to be friends with the person you are inviting. It can for example be because you have not put up a profile picture of yourself and that you may be using an email address that his friend did not recognize. Thus it can be good to write a little more detailed about who you are in the message being sent.

    Another way to find friends on Maha Bharat is the "find friends" that you find in the menu.

    By email

    Here, there are several choices. The first is to let Maha Bharat go through your email contacts.
    we would probably be a bit careful with that feature. Even if they guarantee that they will not send any messages without your approval and that they promise not to store any account information you should be careful not to give out information like that crisscross.

    Suggestions from Maha Bharat
    Maha Bharat also suggests people who they think you might have any connection to. They match your information in your profile to other users, such as people who attended the same school at the same time. Do you already have a few friends, it can also be friends of your friends that pop up as suggestions.

    Search for friends
    You can also free text search by name or email address to find friends and there are also functions to find old school friends by entering the school and the time you studied at school. Maha Bharat then try to match you with others who studied there during the same time.

    This feature also allows you to search for businesses (the link is a bit misleading because it only mentions high school).

    When you search, you get a list of all the matches of the search, and you can choose who you want to be friends with.

    Find your other social network friends

    You can allow Maha Bharat to import your contacts from Windows Live and your Buddy list so you can easily invite them to be your friend.

    When it comes to inviting friends it is of course up to each individual to decide how to act, but most do not invite friends who they are not really somehow familiar to. Other invites everyone to get as many friends as possible. They believe it is high status of having many friends on Maha Bharat.

    Some haveover 1000 friends (but you can of course consider how well they really know all ..)

    If you have 10 friends or less people may think you are a little lonely. But don't bother. Better to have one good friend than 100 shallow ones. And not everyone have the time to spend all days on Maha Bharat For most of us our "real life" is enough..

    As a parent, it may be a good idea to talk to your children if they use Maha Bharat and urge them not to accept friends request from people they do not know.

    As mentioned earlier, Even if you have no friends, you can actually participate on Maha Bharat by becoming a member of a group.
    The groups gather members on Maha Bharat who have the same interest.

    Maha Bharat groups

    Step 5 - Maha Bharat guide

    Here we briefly describe how groups function on Maha Bharat.

    Maha Bharat groups
    Groups are a way for people to gather around a common topic. All members can post, and also upload pictures.
    At the left of Maha Bharat, in the menu you can create your own groups.
    You can search on Maha Bharat for groups and you can even see the groups that your friends are members of and also of coruse the groups you are a member of.
    Even if you are not joined in a group you can read what participants have written if it is a open group. To join the discussion, you must be a member. When you create a group you can choose to make it a "secret" closed group. If you do you have to invite your friends that you want to be able to participate and read the messages.

    Groups is used in many ways. It can be about political or religious topics or a group about a hometown or a tribute to a favorite artist.

    Many create groups to create public opinion or highlight their position on an issue such as "The group of us who want to stop the violence". Sometimes it happens that idiots create groups, invite people and then they change the subject of the group. Since your friends can seewhat gropus you are a member of it can be embarrassing for you..
    You may become a member of a group called "We who loves Roses" and a couple a week later it changes its name to "We who loves love"..
    But don't be afraid. Just don't join completly new groups that only have a statement in their names..

    Pictures on Maha Bharat

    Step 6 - Maha Bharat guide

    Here we describe briefly how it works with the images on Maha Bharat and what to do to tag images.

    Pictures and videos on Maha Bharat.
    On your left side you will find a little icon images.
    There you can see the pictures you and your friends posted on Maha Bharat. You can choose to upload single images (or creating a photo album if you want to post multiple pictures with the same theme).
    To be able to upload images, you must accept and download an application from Maha Bharat.

    Tag Photos on Maha Bharat
    When you see pictures on Maha Bharat, you can "tag" them (you can find the function a bit down to the right of the picture). You click on the image and can enter a name or select one from your friends. Whoever uploaded image can control if they want to approve the tags. When someone seda look at the picture, they can then see the name of the person. The image can ävne used by applications that can match pictures with members.
    Tagging images also means that you can attach a picture to a person which may also be an invasion of privacy.


    AND MANY MORE.........

    Contact Maha Bharat

    Don't Hesitate to Contact Maha Bharat. Getting contact with Maha Bharat is easy,

    Problems with the confirmation email from Maha Bharat.
    The link below allows you to use if you do not receive a confirmation email or when you receive an error message when you try to use the link supplied in the email.
    If you do not receive the email then check that the confirmation email from Maha Bharat has accidentally ended up as spam in your email program.
    If you get the email and the link does not work you can try to copy the entire link and paste it into the address bar of your browser (Web-based email programs such as spray-mail, hotmail etc. can sometimes destroy links).
    Link to contact form on Maha Bharat if you have problem with yoyr registration

    Problem with Maha Bharat login
    If you can not login to Maha Bharat or not access email on your account:
    Contact form Maha Bharat

    Notification to Maha Bharat about violatations
    In many places in Maha Bharat has links to report people who break the Maha Bharat's terms of use. But there is also a direct link to a registration form:
    Report breach of the Terms of Use

    Abuse on Maha Bharat
    If you want to report any kind of abuse you can send an e-mail to:

    Report fake user profiles
    If you find someone on Maha Bharat claiming to be someone they are, you can report it here:
    Report fake users

    Remove your account

    You can always deactivate your account with Maha Bharat. All your account information is left and if you want you can at any time to start using them again. But if you decide that you really want to delete your account permanently, there is a link that you can use, but it requires you to be logged into Maha Bharat. Please note, you will NOT regret it if you delete your account.
    To permanently erase Maha Bharat account

    If your account has been disabled
    Can not log into Maha Bharat for your account has been disabled, you can, lo and behold, actually sending an email to get it activated. Note that you must send from the same email address you specified in your account.

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