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Maha Bharat helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

These Questions are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. The format is commonly used on email mailing lists and other online forums, where certain common questions tend to recur.

Date of Last Revision: April 09, 2015.

What is Maha Bharat ( ?
Maha Bharat ( is a community networking website where you can Share / Get Knowledge, ideas, industry to achive your goal. And stay in touch with your friends, meet new ones and connect to old ones. and many more

Who can create an user account ?
Eigibility Creteria to create an user account in Maha Bharat
AGE: 13+

Does it cost anything to use Maha Bharat?
Maha Bharat and all the basic functions are free.

What does it take to become the Maha Bharat?
You have to create an account by entering a name, a working e-mail address and password, and some obligatory information about yourself such as gender and date of birth.

I have heard that it is not possible to delete information on Maha Bharat?
Deletion of your information is easy, Maha Bharat Does't Store Your information on it's databases.
however if you want to just invisible your account just go to privacy settings and enable your account invisible. so that you can visible it when you want to.

Is it difficult to use Maha Bharat?
it is very easy to use Maha Bharat.
Maha Bharat fuctions like facebook. if you are a facebook user, then it's very easy to you.
There are many differnet tools and settings you use so it may be a bit confusing for the beginners, but if you try them out you will learn how it works.

Is Maha Bharat really hot?
There are always those who want's to be "cool" always looking for new trends and services, abandon "yesterday news". Among them of course, Maha Bharat isn't hot anymore. The service has existed for several years now. But it will constantly benew members and old one will stick to it. Maha Bharat is well established that it is unlikely to disappear and the number of users grow everyday.

I can't upload pictures on Maha Bharat, what am I doing wrong!
It is not at all certain that you are doing something wrong. Sometimes Maha Bharat stops working. Have you tried to upload pictures on various occasions, it may be that you have not installed their image upload application. It should be installed automatically but you may have to accept it to make it work.Check the appearance of a yellow message box in the address bar in top of the browser. There you can approve the application.

I have heard that Maha Bharat is unsecure?
Unfortunetly it's not possible to ensure that information about you will be completely secure.
It is free for third parties to build applications for Maha Bharat and there is always a risk that they abused your rights.
In the case of other members of Maha Bharat, you can not be sure that they really are who they pretending to be.

Can I delete friends that I do not want to keep?
There is no problem to delete friends on Maha Bharat. In the menu at the top of the site there is a link "friends". . Clicking on it will give you a list of all your friends and for each friend there is a check box that you use to remove the friend.

What is the wall?
All members have a sort of bulletin board where they can communicate. If you write a message, you can choose whether to send it to your friends and then it will be visible on their walls. Has anyone written somethin in your Wall, you should answer on the others wall (click on the name of the person who wrote on your wall to get there).

What is a difference between a USER and a MEMBER ?

users are just post and share their data
some restrictins applicable
user unable to costumize his / her profile
unable to participate Maha Bharat's major events, operations, etc.....

A MEMBER have special rights and reservations
Maha Bharat provides wide range of services to it's members
unlimited support, flexibllity, customizations

Maha Bharat, a way to Achive...

Maha Bharat is a Achiver's network (or community if you like) and the purpose is simply to Share / Get Knoledge, ideas, industry From The Community. and socialize with others and keep in touch with your friends etc.. and share information, and pictures, videos with them.
You can send messages and write on your friends wall (a kind of bulletin board) and it's also possible to upload pictures and videos or use any of all the applications that are available. With the applications it's also possbile to play games and compete.

.. with real friends

Unlike many otherof the social networks on the Internet Maha Bharat wants you to use use your real name so that you can determine who should be you friend and have access to the information that you post on your wall.
Once you become a member of Maha Bharat, you can search for friends and ask them to become their friend. They decide wether or not they they want to be friends with you. Others may also ask you to be their friend and it's up to you to decide. You're in charged of what information you want to share and to whom.
Once you have one or more friends you can send message, upload photos, write in your friends wall and use a variety of different applications.
Maha Bharat is simply a tool that helps you to socialize, and an advantage against the real life is that you can reach all your friends at once when you have something you want to tell or share with them.

Achive with Maha Bharat

Maha Bharat is a perfect place to Get / Share knowledge, ideas & help with " The Community "
Get ideas / help to achive your goal. Help your friends / others with your knowledge to achiving his / her goal.
There are particular groups where people that share similar interests can be involved. Being a member in a gruop is also a way get to know new people that you can be friends with.

Your'e " The Game Changer "

Maha Bharat power YOU to " Make A Difference " & help YOU to achive your goal.
Provides YOU wide range of support and services.

Your'e in charge

As a user, you decide how you want to use Maha Bharat. Many see it as a pleasure and a way to socialize with their closest friends, others see it as a way to build a network that can help them in their career. Many users also get involved in groups that to create public opinion on various political issues or simply to promote a company or a product.

Maha Bharat is a free and powerful network

YOU can sign up for Maha Bharat and Share / Get knoledge, information, ideas, help, free of cost
Maha Bharat is free (but as everyone knows, nothing is really free Happy Maha Bharat earn some of their money on ads. They collects a lot of information about their users, and can offer targeted ads to their customers.
That can also be good for you as a user if you filled out your profile right. Are you for axample a movie freak, you will get ads about movies and hopefully avoid having ads on the things that your'e not interest in.
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